Norfolk Island honey shortage

Recently Norfolk Island has faced a shortage in local honey supply. This is due to a number of environmental factors, some of which are not unique to Norfolk Island and being experienced globally.

The past two years have seen periods of low rainfall and prolonged dry periods, which has affected the number of flowers (food) for Norfolk Island honey bees. As a result, less honey is able to be harvested and produced for the island locally in the short term and existing stores of honey have been exhausted.

The Office of the Administrator has been working with local bee keepers, Plant Health Australia, importers and the Council to address this interim shortage until local honey supplies increase.  This has included assisting importers to find honey producers able to meet biosecurity requirements for Norfolk Island.

It is anticipated there will be imported honey available on island for purchase in the coming weeks.

To help protect Norfolk Island’s biosecurity, and in particular our local bee population, all community members are asked to declare any honey or bee products on return to the Island.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island

November 2019