Reminder on upcoming traffic laws community engagement

Further community consultation will take place in the coming week about proposed changes to traffic laws, focusing on the practice of ‘ute tray riding’. 

Targeted meetings will occur with a range of stakeholders, along with a drop-in event for community members where comments and views can be shared.

The Australian Government has planned this second consultation stage in response to views expressed through the written submissions about the proposed change to ute tray riding and other key issues.

I will be facilitating the targeted meetings with a range of community stakeholders including representatives of those using ute tray riding to transport passengers.

The sessions are an opportunity to gather more information and clarify responses to the first round of consultation.
Community members who are not included in the targeted meetings are welcome to attend the drop-in event on Wednesday, 23 October 2019, from 4pm to 6 pm at 11 Quality Row.

A report on the outcome of these sessions will be published on the Department’s website and disseminated through my office and local media.

Information about the written submissions received, including a summary of responses, is available at

Anyone with questions about the second round of consultation can contact my office by email: or phone 22152.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island 
October 2019