Strong community engagement on management strategy for Kingston and Cascade Ports

The Australian Government would like to thank the Norfolk Island community for their input to discussions on management of Cascade and Kingston ports during the week of September 23.

A large number of people with a wide range of interests were engaged throughout the consultations, with the community providing insightful and valuable feedback that will support development of a Ports Management Strategy.

A range of topics were discussed with the community regarding the current operations of Cascade and Kingston ports and future expectations for the ports.

Key themes heard from multiple stakeholder groups included:

  • The Ports Management Strategy should ensure protection and enhancement of Norfolk Island’s unique culture, heritage, traditions and environment
  • Cheaper, simpler and more reliable freight options are needed
  • Port operations should enhance worker safety and reduce risk of cargo damage
  • Existing port users’ rights should be retained and community access safely accommodated
  • Infrastructure upgrades would enable improved operations
  • A port supervisor role would be a central point of contact responsible for all port activities.

Ongoing community involvement is encouraged and the Department looks forward to continuing the work with all stakeholders to produce a Ports Management Strategy, which supports a sustainable future for Norfolk Island. 

The second round of public consultation will take place before the end of 2019 and will include testing management models with stakeholders. 

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
October 2019