Update on Cascade Road works to support passenger transfer vessels

With the three new passenger transfer vessels now on Island, the Australian Government is keeping the community informed on progress of the planned works to widen Cascade Road for movement of these vessels.

The Department previously advised that roadworks along Cascade Road (which will extend from the upper carpark area at Cascade Pier to the corner beyond the Youngs Road intersection of Cascade Road), would commence at the end of July 2019. 

Timing has been delayed. The works will now commence when Council agreement (as the land owner) is received, and a site for the excavated material is approved. The community will be informed when that occurs. 

Agreement has also been reached with the Conservator of Public Reserves that the two large white oaks proposed for removal will now be retained. The contractor has agreed to plant 75 trees in Cascade Reserve as an offset for the other four trees approved for removal by the Conservator as part of the proposed works.

As previously advised, tenders for the operations and maintenance of the PTVs closed on 26 July 2019, and the process for assessment and negotiation is planned to conclude by the end of September. The vessels will remain in their temporary location adjacent to the pier while the tender assessment is finalised.

Further information can be obtained from Kade from Manteena (on 50780), who is happy to meet any interested community members on site and talk through the proposed scope of work. If anyone would like to discuss the works or PTVs further, please contact the Office of the Administrator (22152).

Eric Hutchinson
August 2019