Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area Advisory Committee Communique

The Advisory Committee for the Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area (Kingston) met recently on Island to discuss key projects and priorities for the site.

Members of the Committee were very pleased to see a range of improvements across the site. There was a strong will to continue the momentum toward the long-term vision to conserve and tell the stories of Kingston’s unique heritage, enhance community access and use, and develop the site’s potential to deliver economic returns to the Island.

The work of local tradespeople to re-shingle the roof of the Duplex at No. 2/3 Quality Row using traditional materials and practices was considered a shining example of conserving both heritage buildings and local culture. The Advisory Committee was extremely impressed with the quality of workmanship at the Duplex. Noticeable upgrades to community infrastructure and general maintenance to improve the site’s presentation and use were also welcomed.

Committee members see the establishment of the Community Advisory Group (CAG) as an important achievement. They value the enthusiasm and commitment of the individuals in the Group to work with the Heritage Manager to help ensure activities at the site align with community aspirations. As Advisory Committee Chair, I thank the CAG members – led by chair Helen Pedel – for their valuable feedback on recent plans and projects, and look forward to working with them to continue to deliver outcomes for the site and the Norfolk Island community.

Considerable community consultation has occurred over the past six months to help establish a strong planning foundation for KAVHA through the development of key documents to help guide site management.

The draft Development Control Plan (DCP) is an important tool for providing landowners, leaseholders, businesses and site managers with a clear set of guidelines for progressing development within KAVHA and ensuring that the area is open for business.  Following incorporation of community feedback on the draft DCP, the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development will work with the Norfolk Island Regional Council to make the draft DCP available for public review.  

The Advisory Committee sought a greater focus on marketing and promotion of the site to strengthen its role as a source of revenue to the island community. Members supported the proposals in the Interpretation Plan and noted that interpretation of the Polynesian site is a priority. The broader Polynesian Pacific community will be engaged to help tell the story of this truly unique settlement. 

The draft Archaeological Zoning and Management Plan will soon be available for public review, and a revised Cultural Landscape Management Plan will be released to help guide further community discussions and landscape actions at the site.

Challenges remain with the governance arrangements for the site, and the Advisory Committee remains committed to working with the Department to identify a sustainable and effective governance structure for delivering on the shared vision for KAVHA.    

For further information or discussion, contact Heritage Manager Martin Purslow (52462 or 23115 and or the Office of the Administrator (22152 or


Mr Eric Hutchinson
Chair, KAVHA Advisory Committee
August 2019