Upcoming Cascade Road works to support passenger transfer vessels

With the impending arrival of the passenger transfer vessels (PTVs) for Norfolk Island, and the need to enable movement of these vessels, the Australian Government will soon commence works to widen Cascade Road.

The three vessels, which can hold up to 90 people each and will be used to transfer cruise ship passengers from ship to shore, are scheduled to arrive on Norfolk Island at the end of July.

The tender for the operation and management of the PTVs is currently open and will close on 26 July 2019. The long term storage of the vessels will be the responsibility of the successful tenderer.

Road and other infrastructure works along Cascade Road will also allow for the movement of PTVs from Cascade Pier to potential storage locations.

While the works are primarily designed for the safe transfer of the PTVs, they will also improve visibility and enhance safety for road users, particularly during cargo unloading activities where large trucks transport goods along this stretch of road.

Manteena is the department’s nominated managing contractor for the road widening works, which will extend from the upper carpark area at Cascade Pier to the corner beyond the Youngs Road intersection of Cascade Road.  Local contractor Norfolk Island Industries is delivering the civil works.

There is also an application under the Trees Act (NI) for the removal of trees classified as protected. In determining the required scope of works, the proposed removal of trees has been kept at an absolute minimum.  A total of six trees are proposed to be removed.

The majority of the proposed works are contained within the road zone however a small amount of Cascade Reserve (approximately 75 square metres) will be affected.

Due to the unique heritage values of Cascade Reserve, a Heritage Impact Assessment was prepared and submitted to Council. The assessment concluded the proposed works will have minimal impact on the heritage values of the site.

The department is working closely with the Norfolk Island Regional Council to ensure it complies with all Norfolk Island planning and related legislation required for these works to proceed, including those affecting Cascade Reserve.

As the works are within the road zone, under the Norfolk Island Plan 2002 it is an ‘as of right’ development and a public notification period is not required.
The Department is continuing discussion with Council on any approval required for that part of the works affecting Cascade Reserve.  

In addition, the environmental and heritage values of Cascade Reserve protected under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 were considered as part of a Review of Environmental Factors undertaken. The works are expected to have minimal impact. However, should a heritage or environmental issue arise during construction, further assessment may be undertaken.

Subject to Council agreement (as the road owner), works are expected to commence at the end of July 2019 and are likely to take up to three months. During this time localised disruptions to the applicable section of Cascade Road may occur. Updates on the works and changed road conditions will be provided on local radio. Separate communications will be undertaken with affected landowners.

For further details, please contact Manteena on 50780.

Eric Hutchinson
July 2019