Artificial reproduction report released

I am pleased to announce that, after visiting Norfolk Island and meeting with locals in February this year, Dr Ian Lean, Managing Director of Scibus, has completed his report on ways to utilise artificial insemination and embryo transfer for ruminant livestock (cattle, sheep and goats) on Norfolk Island.

Dr Lean recognised the genuine urgency to produce new male genetics and made some sound recommendations on the way forward.

The report and its recommendations are an opportunity for the Australian Government, industry and community to work together to help improve the quality and genetic diversity of the local herds.

The ‘Proposal for Improving Ruminant Livestock Performance on Norfolk Island: Artificial Reproduction Focus’ report is available on the Department’s website at

A working group consisting of industry and community representatives and the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities will come together to progress Dr Lean’s recommendations. 

If you would like to be a part of further discussions please contact my office on ph: 22152 or via email:

Eric Hutchinson
April 2019