Protecting KAVHA's Archaeology

Identifying, conserving and recording KAVHA’s archaeological resources is an important part of preserving and promoting the site’s unique history.

As recommended in the KAVHA Heritage Management Plan, the KAVHA Advisory Committee endorsed the preparation of an Archaeological Zoning and Management Plan (AZMP) for the site.

The AZMP will include Geographical Information System (GIS) maps of both known archaeological resources and disturbed areas, and predicted zones of archaeological sensitivity. It will also include guidelines for ground disturbance and management policies for the assessment, recording, and conservation of archaeological resources.

Members of Extent Heritage will visit the Island next week to conduct a site survey and meet with key stakeholders. The project team includes a number of familiar faces to the Island community. Tom Sapienza, who is currently undertaking research on the Melanesian Mission station, is the project’s GIS specialist. The team will also be supported by Graham Wilson, the archaeologist attached to KAVHA from 1979-2006.  

The Norfolk Island community will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft AZMP once it is developed. A draft is expected to be released in April 2019. 

Eric Hutchinson
February 2019