Upcoming projects at Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area

The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities has initiated capital works projects to implement a number of recommendations of the Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area (KAVHA) Advisory Committee.

Removal of trees

I previously notified the community that some diseased trees are presenting a safety risk to the visitors and staff in Kingston, and several others are damaging the heritage buildings and walls of Government House. To protect both people and local heritage, about 25 – 30 trees will soon be removed from within the grounds of Government House. To offset the removal of these trees, some revegetation and regeneration work will be carried out at a priority area identified within Kingston.

I am aware that heritage specialists and members of the community have identified other trees within the Kingston area that should be considered for removal. These additional trees may either be a risk to the public, impacting on heritage values, or causing environmental issues. Please be assured that the community will be consulted before any further trees are removed from the Kingston area.

Surface upgrade

In addition, projects to ensure safe access will be occurring in the Kingston area. Access to the area around the community hub of the Kingston Pier will be improved by an upgrade to the surface of the elbow shaped road between the Crank Mill and the Lions Club. This upgrade is designed to have a low impact, considering the heritage aspects of this area.

Safety barriers

Low timber safety barriers, similar to those already in use, will be installed in specific locations in Kingston. These barriers will protect the public from injury and the important heritage buildings from accidental damage.

Safety barriers will be installed at:

  • Emily Bay Road and car park, reducing the risk of vehicles falling onto the beach area
  • Arthur’s Vale Retaining Wall below the Civil Hospital, protecting the retaining wall from damage by vehicles
  • the southern side of the road between the Crank Mill and the Lions Club to protect the Crank Mill ruin from damage caused by vehicles and also creating a better experience for visitors.

In addition, the existing barriers between the Pier Store and the Settlement Guard House will be modified to enable better pedestrian and wheelchair access.

Further information about these projects can be obtained from the Office of the Administrator or by visiting kavha.gov.au/projects.

Eric Hutchinson
KAVHA Advisory Committee
February 2019