Planning Act changes to support Norfolk Island’s growth and sustainability

Media Release
20 October 2018

The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities and the Council have been working together for some time to address barriers to the construction of important public infrastructure on Norfolk Island.

In response to a request from the Council, changes have been made to the Planning Act 2002 (NI) to support Norfolk Island’s growth and sustainability.

The main change is a new approval process for significant developments such as recreation centres, waste management facilities and roads.

Under the new process, projects will need to demonstrate that they will benefit the Norfolk Island community. They must also fit in with other plans for Norfolk Island including the Community Strategic Plan and Council’s Operational Plan.

Feedback during community consultation about the changes indicated you wanted more say in local planning decisions.

The community will be able to make submissions on any significant development proposal. Councillors will also have an active role and help decide which projects go through the new process.

During the approval process, the Commonwealth Minister responsible for Norfolk Island or their delegate will consider these submissions and can set conditions on the development to address any concerns.

To make sure the new process is working, and it meets Norfolk Island’s needs, it will be reviewed after two years.

More information about the changes can be found on the Department’s website at

Eric Hutchinson