Opening of NI-Connect

Last week was a very busy one for Norfolk Island with the visit from Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government, John McVeigh. At the start of the week in a Radio Norfolk interview, I put out a challenge to the community to take the opportunity with the Minister visiting to leave him in a position to be a strong and passionate champion for Norfolk Island. A very big thank you to all in the community who the Minister met with and the productive manner in which you raised matters with the Minister. Minister McVeigh is a good listener. We all have a part to play in the future of Norfolk Island, and there is so much to look forward to for this beautiful Island.

There were so many highlights from the Minister’s visit but one that I would like to make a special mention of is the opening of NI-Connect. As you may have read in Principal Brett Carr’s update in the paper last week, the Senior Leaders of the Norfolk Island Central School chose the name NI-Connect. The students considered a range of options in recognition of the importance of community connection and their proud identity as residents of Norfolk Island. Well done to the students for coming up with this great name.

Norfolk Island is a very strong and close-knit community and I am happy that the Australian Government was able to support the development of this community centre. NI-Connect will be a place for children, young people and families to meet, play, learn and access a range of support services. There are experienced and skilled staff to deliver services to the Norfolk Island community and the centre will be able to offer more services as it grows.

I encourage all on Norfolk Island to visit NI-Connect and get behind this great community facility. I have attached a fact sheet PDF: 494 KB

Last Updated: 3 August, 2018