Changes to laws on Norfolk Island; more control to Norfolk Island Regional Council

  • Australian Government gives more control over airport management to Norfolk Island Regional Council
  • The Absentee Landowners Levy will be scrapped from 2017
  • Norfolk Island will be made a more attractive destination for airlines

The Australian Government has been working with the Norfolk Island Regional Council and has made several changes to Norfolk Island laws which will benefit Norfolk Island.

The Council had asked the Government for the airline and Absentee Landowners Levy changes.

The changes are:

  • Giving managerial powers over the airport to the Council's General Manager. These powers were previously held by the Australian Government Minister for Local Government and Territories.
  • Making Norfolk a more attractive destination for airlines by reducing the minimum security deposit new airlines will need to pay when they use the Norfolk Island airport.
  • Giving the airport a sustainable source of income by increasing the passenger movement charge to $45 to pay for airport maintenance. The Government will in future give the Council the ability to set fees as it sees fit, so it can encourage new airlines to fly to Norfolk Island.
  • The term ‘hospital’ in Norfolk Island law now includes the Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service.
  • The Absentee Landowners Levy will not be assessed after 2016, so no new levies are payable. Levies assessed in 2016 and prior remain due.

The Australian Government continues to partner with the Council to create a sustainable future for the Island.

The Ordinance is available on the Federal Register of Legislation at

Eric Hutchinson
19 October 2017