Consultation set to begin on Norfolk Island to manage radiation services

Media release

29 August 2017

The Australian Government has invited the NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) to help examine management of radiation services on Norfolk Island. Application of parts of the Radiation Control Act 1990 (NSW) and associated regulation, is being considered to protect the community and the environment against the harmful effects of ionising radiation.

The NSW EPA will be visiting Norfolk Island from 4–8 September to better understand what kind of radiation sources are on the island. Anyone that owns or uses ionising radiation apparatus (e.g. x-ray equipment), sealed source devices (e.g. soil and density moisture gauges) or radioactive substances (e.g. old radium paint) is encouraged to contact the Office of the Administrator on 22152 or email so that they may be appropriately consulted. The invaluable feedback received during this consultation process will contribute to the progression and finalisation of radiation control legislation on Norfolk Island.

In line with the Legislation Consultation Framework, application of the radiation control legislation was assessed as having a minimal effect. Targeted meetings are being held to ensure as much information as possible is gathered.

Eric Hutchinson