Child Wellbeing Caseworker Engaged

Media release

20 June 2017

I"m pleased to announce that a Child Wellbeing Caseworker has been engaged to support Mr Stuart Moakes in his role as Child Welfare Officer and is expected to commence from 26 June 2017.

Ms Anacela Romero comes to Norfolk Island with a strong background in social casework and the community sector from right across Australia and overseas with a diverse range of experience, having worked in the sector in New South Wales, Victoria, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and Nauru.

The appointment follows best practice for the social sector, where male and female caseworkers work in partnership wherever possible to achieve successful outcomes for children and their families.

As part of a process to improve child wellbeing services on Norfolk Island, Ms Romero will be employed by the Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service on a full time basis.

The appointment of Ms Romero to the position is a step toward formalising Norfolk Island's child wellbeing and social service practices to the same standard as mainland communities.

I trust the community will come together to make Ms Romero feel very welcome in her new role on the island.

As always, if you would like to discuss anything with the Child Welfare Officer or Child Wellbeing Caseworker, you can contact them confidentially on the free line 0222 or on 51115.

Eric Hutchinson