Two additional Air New Zealand flights to operate in August

Media release

05 May 2017

I am pleased to announce that two flights have been added to Air New Zealand's Norfolk Island schedule in August following an agreement reached between the Australian Government and Air New Zealand.

The two return flights will operate between Brisbane and Norfolk Island on 15 and 22 August. The flights have been added in consultation with the Norfolk Island community in response to increased visitor numbers. The dates on consecutive Tuesdays reflect the availability of aircraft.

I understand there are some great community events happening in August, which these additional flights will help to support. The growth of visitor numbers when compared to recent years is encouraging.

A continuation of this trend will boost competition and diversity across the tourism industry and help to further improve the range and quality of visitor opportunities.

Air New Zealand's flight schedule to Norfolk Island differs between the summer and winter months, with more demand for services in summer. Adding more flights to the winter schedule is done with consideration given to a number of factors, including tourism numbers and the needs of the community.

The Australian Government underwrites air services to Norfolk Island to support the local tourism industry and ensure that residents can access mainland services or visit family and friends. The underwriting agreement with Air New Zealand aims to operate as close to a commercial service as possible, and not restrict or discourage competition from other airline operators. 

Eric Hutchinson