Joint Standing Committee Report Community Forums

Media Release
20 October 2014

I join with Assistant Minister the Hon Jamie Briggs MP in welcoming the Report into Norfolk Island's Economic Future by the Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories.

The unanimous Report of the Joint Standing Committee could not be more direct in its recommendations. The Committee and the Report offer encouragement for the future potential for Norfolk Island.

The Report offers a way forward for the Community. If adopted, the Report provides the basis for a plan for Norfolk Island which will establish a strong economy and future for all residents.

I understand the Australian Parliament will discuss the Report further in coming days.

The Assistant Minister has announced I will be leading community consultation through a series of public forums.

These forums will provide inclusive opportunities for local people to play a positive role in the reform process.

The Report places emphasis on building a positive future and not racking over negative coals of the past.

I will announce the time and place for these forums in coming days.

The Hon. Gary Hardgrave
His Honour The Administrator