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Services delivered by the WA Government

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List of SDAs as at 1 September 2020 PDF: 133 KB

WA Government AgencyService
Office of the Auditor General
  • Conduct and issue audit opinions on the state agency financial statements in relation to the territories.
  • Conduct financial audits of the territory local governments and their subsidiary bodies.
Department of Communities Child Protection and Family Support:
  • Provide child safety services.
  • Provide assistance in administering legislation concerning Working with Children Checks.
Disability Services Commission:
  • Work in partnership with service providers to provide information, and support services to people with disabilities, their families and carers, including the services of a Local Area Coordinator.
Housing Authority:
  • Provide policy advice and support for the effective administration of social and employee housing, and assist in social housing management.
Communities (Seniors, Volunteering and Youth):
  • Provide licensing, monitoring and support services for childcare providers, including family day care.
  • Implement programs for social inclusion, volunteering and develop partnerships with non-government organisations.
Economic Regulation Authority
  • Promote economically efficient outcomes at the lowest practicable cost through efficient and effective independent economic regulation.
  • Provide independent advice.
Department of Education
  • Operate the Christmas Island District High School and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands District High School, providing school-based education for Kindergarten to Year 10 (CKI) and to Year 12 (CI) students under the WA curriculum.
Environmental Protection Authority
  • Provide environmental impact assessments of local government schemes.
Equal Opportunity Commission of Western Australia
  • Provide information and advice on equal opportunity and human rights issues.
  • Investigate complaints under the applied equal opportunity legislation.
Department of Finance
  • Collect state-type revenue in accordance with applied legislation and remit revenue to the Australian Government.
  • Sub-contract a property manager to manage commercial properties.
Department of Fire and Emergency Services
  • Support the provision of community safety/prevention programs.
  • Assess commercial and industrial building plans, inspect completed buildings for compliance with the National Construction Code and test fire safety equipment.
  • Undertake fire safety assessments.
  • Support fire and emergency services and volunteer marine rescue groups, including: training, emergency exercises, inspect and provide advice on personal protective clothing and personal protective equipment.
  • Provide advice on emergency recovery plans.
  • Provide a Volunteer Assistance Program.
Department of Health
  • Provide regulatory, advisory and other support services and specialist advice to the Australian Government, including the Indian Ocean Territories Health Service.
  • Provide accessible in-hospital services and care in WA.
  • Provide community and public health policy advice and support, and tobacco licensing services and compliance.
  • Provide mammography screening and assessment services through BreastScreen WA.
Health and Disability Services Complaints Office
  • As an independent statutory authority, provide assessment, conciliation, negotiated settlement and investigation of complaints about health, disability services and mental health services.
Insurance Commission of WA
  • Provide funds management, expert advice and claims handling services in relation to the operation of a compulsory Third Party Insurance Scheme and Catastrophic Injuries Support Scheme in the territories.
Department of Justice Attorney General:
  • Provide access to the justice system including: Judicial and Non-Judicial Court Services; Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages; State Solicitor's Office; Public Advocate and Victim Support and Child Witness Service.
Corrective Services:
  • Provide offender management and community justice services.
Public Trustee:
  • Provide trustee services, including preparing wills and the provision of executor and administrator services.
WA Land Information Authority (Landgate)
  • Provide land information services, including registration of title, and geographic and cadastral information.
  • Provide valuation services including valuations, stamp duty assessments and valuation rolls.
Legal Aid Commission of WA
  • Provide legal services, including information and referral, to those in need of assistance to the community in accessing justice.
  • Provide duty lawyer services at Courts, legal minor assistance and advocacy (legal tasks) and legal representation.
  • Provide community legal education services.
Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries Culture and the Arts:
  • Promote a diverse, vibrant and sustainable cultural sector.
  • Support the delivery of culture and arts activities through policy development, grants and funding.
Local Government:
  • Ensure compliance with applied local government legislation and facilitate the development of local government.
Racing, Gaming and Liquor:
  • Provide liquor-licensing services, including compliance audits and inspection of licensed premises.
Sport and Recreation:
  • Provide advice on the sporting and recreational infrastructure needs of the territories.
  • Provide advice to sporting and recreational groups.
Main Roads WA
  • Provide advice on road funding.
  • Provide direct support and advice to the local government on traffic management and road networks.
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Commerce:
  • Building Commission—oversee the regulation of building, painting, building surveying and plumbing services.
  • Consumer Protection—Fair trading, consumer rights, property sale and rental laws, some occupational licences, co-operatives, and not for profit legislation.
  • EnergySafety—Safe use of and working with electricity and gas.
  • WorkSafe—Promote and secure the safety and health of people at work.
Mines and Petroleum:
  • Register mineral titles and provide advice on associated environmental matters.
  • Collect mining revenue.
  • Ensure worker and community safety by regulating occupational health and safety in the minerals and petroleum sectors, including the storage, transport and handling of dangerous goods.
Energy Policy WA
  • Provide advice on current WA energy policies and practices relating to the territories" energy sectors.
Parliamentary Commissioner for Administrative Investigations
(State Ombudsman)
  • Review, investigate and resolve complaints about WA state agencies and local governments, and improve public administration.
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage Lands:
  • Provide advice on the administration and management of Crown land.
  • Arrange surveys and prepare Deposited Plans to support disposition of Crown land.
  • Deliver Crown land tenure(s).
  • Provide advice on the disposition of Crown land.
  • Provide planning and administrative advice to ensure land use and development is consistent with strategic planning, policy guidelines and planning standards.
  • Develop and review planning policies.
  • Provide professional and technical expertise, administrative services, and resources to advise the WA Planning Commission.
WA Planning Commission:
  • Provide information, advice and recommendations on land use planning, land development and infrastructure coordination.
  • Prepare and review land use planning policies, schemes, strategies and plans.
  • Regulate land use planning through statutory planning controls.
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Facilitate negotiations between state agencies and the Australian Government.
  • Coordinates the territories program on behalf of the WA Government.
Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development Agriculture and Food:
  • Deliver biosecurity support to minimise the impact of identified noxious weed species on the environment.
  • Provide policy and regulatory support to allow for the development of agricultural enterprises that support economic growth.
  • Assist with the protection of the marine environment through:
    • commercial and recreational fisheries management
    • fisheries research and assessment
    • fisheries community education
    • aquatic biosecurity services
    • fish health diagnostic and pathology services
    • fisheries compliance services
    • aquaculture management and licensing
Regional Development:
  • Provide support for Community Resource Centres.
  • Provide analysis of costs of living known as the Regional Price Index.
Salaries and Allowances Tribunal Inquire into:
  • remuneration and allowances, or the minimum and maximum amounts, to be paid or provided to local government chief executive officers
  • fees, expenses and allowances, or the minimum and maximum amounts, to be paid or provided to local government elected members.
State Library of Western Australia
  • Provide local authorities and associated bodies with library materials, information and support services.
Department of Training and Workforce Development
  • Assist in building the territories workforce through career development and skills acquisition, including advice on apprentice travel.
Department of Transport
  • Provide advice, assistance and support on transport issues including driver and vehicle licensing, vehicle safety standards, marine safety, on-demand transport, transport planning, aviation, freight and active transport.
Department of Water and Environmental Regulation Environmental Regulation:
  • Protect and conserve the environment through advice and implementation of strategies for a healthy environment in the territories
  • Protect public health, minimise environmental impact and implement environmental policy across the Indian Ocean Territories.
  • This includes regulation of prescribed premises, native vegetation, pollution, contamination, emissions and wastes, and incident protection and response, environmental sustainability and climate change, and waste policy and programs.
Environmental Protection Authority Services:
  • Provide administrative support to the Environmental Protection Authority.
  • Provide advice and support on licensing and water source regulation and protection.
  • Measure and assess groundwater and allocation of consumptive use.
Water Corporation of WA
  • Support the administration and management of the water and wastewater services to the territories communities.
  • Generate and distribute electricity to the CKI communities.
WA Museum
  • Provide information and advice on the planning, development, management and operation of museums as community assets.
  • Provide access to specialised areas of collection management, conservation and interpretation.
  • Provide advice regarding the provision of interactive multimedia and online programming.
  • Assist community groups with making grant applications and other activities related to museum operations.
  • Facilitate access to sector training and mentoring programs.
WA Police Force
  • Provide specialised equipment training to the Australian Federal Police.
WorkCover WA