Services delivered by the WA Government

WA Government agency Services to the Indian Ocean Territories
Office of the Auditor General
  • Conduct and issue audit opinions on the state agency financial statements in relation to the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT).
  • Conduct financial audits of the Territory local governments and their subsidiary bodies.
Department of Communities

Child Protection and Family Support:

  • Provide child safety services.
  • Provide assistance in administering legislation concerning Working with Children Checks.

Communities (Seniors, Volunteering and Youth):

  • Provide licensing, monitoring and support services for childcare providers, including family day care.
  • Implement programs for social inclusion including the WA Seniors Card program, and develop partnerships with non-government organisations.
Economic Regulation Authority
  • Promote economically efficient outcomes at the lowest practicable cost through efficient and effective independent economic regulation.
  • Provide independent advice.
Department of Education
  • Operate the Christmas Island District High School and the Cocos Islands District High School, providing school-based education for Kindergarten to Year 10 (CKI) and to Year 12 (CI) students under the WA curriculum.
Energy Policy WA
  • Provide advice on energy policies and practices relating to the Territories' energy sectors.
Environmental Protection Authority
  • Provide environmental impact assessments of local government schemes.
Commissioner for Equal Opportunities
  • Undertakes all functions as defined in the applied Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (WA)—Part V11 Division 2.
Department of Finance

Office of State Revenue (RevenueWA):

  • Collect state-type revenue in accordance with applied legislation and remit revenue to the Australian Government.

Building, Management and Works (ServicesWA):

  • Sub-contract a Property Manager to manage commercial properties.
Department of Fire and Emergency Services
  • Support the provision of community safety and prevention programs.
  • Assess commercial and industrial building plans, inspect completed buildings for compliance with National Construction Code and test fire safety equipment.
  • Undertake fire safety assessments.
  • Support fire and emergency services and volunteer marine rescue groups, including: training, emergency exercises, inspect and provide advice on personal protective clothing and personal protective equipment.
  • Provide advice on emergency recovery plans.
  • Provide a Volunteer Assistance Program.
Department of Health
  • Provide regulatory, advisory and other support services and specialist advice to the Australian Government, including the IOT Health Service.
  • Provide accessible in-hospital services and care in WA.
  • Provide community and public health policy advice and support, and tobacco licensing services and compliance.
  • Provide mammography screening and assessment services through BreastScreen WA.
Health and Disability Services Complaints Office
  • As an independent statutory authority, provide assessment, conciliation, negotiated settlement and investigation of complaints about health, disability services and mental health services.
Housing Authority
  • Provide policy advice and support for the effective administration of social and employee housing, and assist in social housing management.
Insurance Commission of WA
  • Provide funds management, expert advice and claims handling services in relation to the operation of a compulsory Third Party Insurance Scheme and Catastrophic Injuries Support Scheme in the Territories.
Department of Justice:

Attorney General:

  • Provide access to the justice system including: Judicial and Non-Judicial Court Services; Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages; State Solicitor's Office; Public Advocate and Victim Support and Child Witness Service.

Corrective Services:

  • Provide offender management and community justice services.

Equal Opportunity Commission services:

  • Provide information and advice on equal opportunity and human rights issues.
  • Investigate complaints under the applied equal opportunity legislation.
WA Land Information Authority
  • Provide land information services, including registration of title, and geographic and cadastral information.
  • Provide valuation services including valuations, stamp duty assessments and valuation rolls.
Legal Aid Commission of WA
  • Provide legal services, including information and referral, to those in need of assistance to the community in accessing justice.
  • Provide duty lawyer services at Courts, legal minor assistance and advocacy (legal tasks) and legal representation.
  • Provide family law and community legal education services.
Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Culture and the Arts:

  • Promote a diverse, vibrant and sustainable cultural sector.
  • Support the delivery of culture and arts activities through policy development, funding programs and partnerships.

Local Government:

  • Ensure compliance with applied local government legislation and facilitate the development of local government.

Office of Multicultural Interests:

  • Identify opportunities which enhance the participation of the Territories Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities in social and cultural life; and facilitate relationships with specialist WA community service organisations.
  • Provide government agencies with practical tools to increase their expertise in delivering services that meet the needs of the Territories' communities.

Racing, Gaming and Liquor:

  • Provide liquor and gaming regulation services, including compliance audits and inspection of licensed premises.

Sport and Recreation:

  • Provide quality sport and active recreation settings and experiences in the Territories.
  • Provide advice to sporting and recreational groups to build capacity of individuals and organisations.
Main Roads WA
  • Provide advice and assistance on road networks to assist the Territory local governments to improve the management of their road network.
  • Advise the Australian Government on road and road maintenance funding, programming and service delivery issues including plant advice.
  • Provide advice on road construction.
  • Provide training primarily relating to road maintenance techniques and activities, and plant management and operation.
Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety

Industry Regulation and Consumer Protection:

  • Building Commission—oversee the regulation of building, painting, building surveying and plumbing services.
  • Consumer Protection—Fair trading, consumer rights, property sale and rental laws, some occupational licenses, cooperatives, and not-for-profit legislation.

Resources and Environmental Regulation:

  • Register mineral titles.
  • Environmental management.
  • Collect mining revenue.
  • Ensure worker and community safety by regulating occupational health and safety in the minerals and petroleum sectors, including the storage, transport and handling of dangerous goods.

Safety Regulation:

  • EnergySafety—Safe use of and working with electricity and gas.
  • WorkSafe—Promote and secure the safety and health of people at work.
Parliamentary Commissioner for Administrative Investigations
(Ombudsman WA)
  • Review, investigate and resolve complaints about WA state agencies, local governments and universities, and improve public administration
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage


  • Provide advice on the administration and management of Crown land.
  • Arrange surveys and prepare Deposited Plans to support disposition of Crown land.
  • Deliver Crown land tenure(s).
  • Provide advice on the disposition of Crown land.


  • Provide planning and administrative advice to ensure the use and development of land is consistent with strategic planning, policy guidelines and planning standards.
  • Develop and review planning policies.
  • Provide professional and technical expertise, administrative services, and resources to advise the WA Planning Commission.
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Facilitate negotiations between state agencies and the Australian Government.
  • Coordinate the Territories program on behalf of the WA Government.
Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Sustainability and Biosecurity:

  • Deliver biosecurity support to minimise the impact of invasive pests and weeds.
  • Provide policy and regulatory support to allow for the development of agricultural enterprises that support economic growth.
  • Design and implement a targeted marine pest surveillance program for the IOT.


  • The management of scientific research permits and existing administrative fishing licences.

Regional Development:

  • Provide support for Community Resource Centres.
  • Publication of the IOT Price Index.
Public Trustee
  • Provide trustee services, including preparing wills and the provision of executor and administrator services.
Salaries and Allowances Tribunal

Inquire into and report on the:

  • remuneration and allowances, or the minimum and maximum amounts, to be paid or provided to local government chief executive officers
  • fees, expenses and allowances, or the minimum and maximum amounts, to be paid or provided to local government elected members.
State Library of Western Australia
  • Provide local authorities and associated bodies with library materials, information and support services.
Department of Training and Workforce Development
  • Assist in building the Territories workforce through planning support, career services and skills acquisition.
  • Assistance with employment and training services, including administration of training contracts, Group Training Organisation registration, employer incentive schemes and access to training services.
Department of Transport
  • Provide advice, assistance and support on transport issues including driver and vehicle licensing, vehicle safety standards, marine safety, ferry licensing, on-demand transport, transport planning, aviation, freight and active transport.
Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

Environment Regulation:

  • Protect and conserve the environment through advice and implementation of strategies, for a healthy environment in the Territories.
  • Protect public health, minimise environmental impact and implement environmental policy across the IOT.
  • This includes regulation of prescribed premises, native vegetation, pollution, contamination, emissions and wastes, incident protection and response, environmental sustainability, climate change and waste policy and programs.

Environmental Protection Authority Services:

  • Provide administrative support to the Environmental Protection Authority.


  • Provide advice and support on licensing and water source regulation and protection.
  • Measure and assess groundwater to manage the availability and quality of water for consumption.
Water Corporation
  • Support the administration and management of the water and wastewater services to the Territories communities.
  • Generate and distribute electricity to the CKI communities.
WA Electoral Commission
  • Conduct independent and impartial local government elections in accordance with the applied local government legislation.
  • Provide community awareness of the electoral process.
WA Local Government Grants Commission
  • Determination of Commonwealth general purpose grants in accordance with the Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995 (Cth) for the Territories' local governments.
  • Undertake public hearings relating to the grants determination process under the Act and advise the Commonwealth Minister of any maters of concern raised by the IOT local governments.
WA Museum
  • Provide information and advice on the planning, development, management and operation of museums as community assets.
  • Provide access to specialised areas of collection management, conservation and interpretation.
  • Provide advice regarding the provision of interactive multimedia and online programming.
  • Assist community groups with making grant applications and other activities related to museum operations.
  • Facilitate access to sector training and mentoring programs.
WA Planning Commission
  • Provide information, advice and recommendations on land use planning, land development and infrastructure coordination.
  • Prepare and review land use planning policies, schemes, strategies and plans.
  • Regulate land use planning through statutory planning controls.
WA Police Force
  • Provide specialised equipment training to Australian Federal Police.
WorkCover WA
  • Provides workers' compensation education and undertakes dispute resolution, agreement processing and compliance activities.