Update on Christmas Island rockfall event

Number: A012/2021

Date: 11 March 2021

Following yesterday’s significant rockfall event at the Kampong at 9am (10 March 2021), access to Flying Fish Cove remains restricted to support the emergency response.

Given the ongoing risk, the restrictions will remain in place until Monday, 15 March for people’s safety, while we await assessment by a specialist engineer. The engineer is scheduled to arrive tomorrow to commence the risk assessment.

Access to the Kampong residential area is limited to essential services and Kampong residents only. Flying Fish Cove, Tai Jin House, the boat ramp and the jetty are closed to the public. Essential services may be granted permission to enter these areas as required on a case by case basis.

The Rockfall boomgate at Flying Fish Cove will remain closed until further notice.

As an additional precaution, the section of Murray Road between Phosphate Hill Road and Nursery Road is closed to all traffic until further notice.

The rockfall occurred behind Block 409, also known to locals as behind Metro’s (Billy’s shop). Residents in block 409 have been relocated. Other residents of the Kampong may also choose to voluntarily relocate – the recreation centre is set up to support this.

As you would be aware, the rockfall warning signals are active. If further evacuations are required, affected residents will be contacted.

It is critical that residents and visitors in the Kampong residential area understand the risk of land slippage and rockfall and evacuate the area immediately if alarms are sounded or if asked to do so.

I will convene daily meetings of the Christmas Island Emergency Management Committee (EMC) to review the situation and our emergency response. Restrictions will be reviewed on Monday based on expert assessment and advice.

The EMC understands the restrictions will disrupt access to businesses and facilities in the area but these measures are necessary for the protection of the community. The EMC appreciates the community’s continued cooperation.

I encourage you to monitor my official Administrator Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NGriggsIOT for updates or listen to the local radio 6RCI (102.1 FM).

Natasha Griggs
Administrator of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands