Flying Fish Cove Kayak and Board (Watercraft) Racks

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Number: D14/2019

Relevant: Christmas Island

Date: 13 February 2019

We are delighted to announce the Flying Fish Cove kayak and board (watercraft) racks, provided by Indian Ocean Territories Administration for public convenience, are now available for community use.

The racks have been provided to assist in improving the amenities of the Flying Fish Cove precinct.

Users who wish to store their watercraft on the racks do so at their own risk and responsibility. The Department is not liable for loss or damage to any watercraft stored at the racks. Users should note the following:

  1. The use of the racks is self-regulated. If a vacant space is available, it can be used.
  2. The racks are for storage of kayaks and boards only.
  3. If you store your watercraft on a rack and remove it for use or other reason, that space immediately becomes vacant and available to others for use.
  4. The rack spaces are not personal issue. The rack spaces are not owned, leased or reserved.
  5. All watercraft must be removed by its owners during weather events with predicted high winds.
  6. The Department may issue notices from time to time for the removal of all or some watercraft. Such instructions may appear on Community Bulletins, The Islander Community Newsletter or by notice posted at rack locations.
  7. Failure to remove your watercraft within a designated timeframe as specified within any notice, may result in the watercraft being deemed abandoned and surrendered to the Australian Federal Police and subject to missing property report procedures and disposal.
  8. Watercraft not stored on the racks and left in the area may be subject to notice of removal.

Community users are encouraged to respect the property of others and use the racks with care and consideration.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Laga Van Beek
Indian Ocean Territories Administration