New Design for Indian Ocean Territory Licence Cards

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Number: D6/2018

Date: 15 January 2018

Relevant: Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Topic: New licence card design will increase security of Indian Ocean Territory licences

The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities has recently enhanced the design and security features of the Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands licence cards. This will bring them in line with the international identification best-practice standards and ensure consistency with the mainland licences.

New Licence Design

The design of Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands driver’s, heavy vehicle and learner’s permit licence cards have been enhanced to include security features equal to those required under current international best practice standards. The security features ensure that forgery of the cards is much more difficult and acts as a deterrent against identity crime.

The security features on the new cards include:

  • specialised and latest technology background printing methods;
  • sophisticated graphic design elements, including guilloche patterns;
  • deep laser printing of personalised information;
  • card holder's date of birth laser engraved at base of photograph;
  • a unique serial number on each licence card;
  • a bar-code; and
  • a holographic overlay.

To view design samples of the new cards, please see the attached factsheet PDF: 714 KB.

Process for Obtaining a New Card

The Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) will commence a process to update all licence cards over the next 12 months. New licence cards will be issued as current licences expire. The MVR will contact you if you have been issued with a temporary licence to advise of next steps. The MVR may also contact you prior to your licence expiring to arrange for the issue a new licence, with enhanced safety features.

Laga Van Beek
Indian Ocean Territories Administration