Release of Christmas Island Strategic Plan - "Our Christmas Island - 2030 Strategic Plan"

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English PDF: 590 KB

Number: A78/2018

Date: 19 December 2018

I am delighted to announce the release of Christmas Island’s Strategic Plan titled “Our Christmas Island – 2030 Strategic Plan”. The Plan is available in English, Chinese and Malay and can be downloaded from the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities website at

In recognition of the economic transition that Christmas Island is facing, the Australian Government provided a grant to the IOT Regional Development Organisation (RDO), which engaged C Change Sustainable Solutions Pty Ltd and Phil Gouldson to develop the strategic plan on its behalf.

I am pleased with the level of community engagement throughout the process and thank sincerely the Christmas Island community and key stakeholders for their input into the plan. I especially want to thank our consultants for delivering a practical plan which includes a number of priority actions for our community.

Thanks also to my fellow RDO members Eric Chong, Chris Su, Isa Minkom, Rik Soderlund, Gordon Thomson, Mark Bennett, Ron Grant and Andrea Selvey whose contributions were invaluable.

I would particularly like to thanks the Australian Government for funding this very worthy project, and to Assistant Minister Ley for her support. This Plan establishes a clear way forward. I am excited about the prospect that the Indian Ocean Territories could be plastic free by 2030, leading the way in waste management or that a strategic assessment of Commonwealth land could pave the way for fast tracking land release and getting us investor ready.

There is no doubt Christmas Island is an Australian treasure and I look forward to doing all I can in my role as Administrator and Chair of the RDO to work towards us being a prosperous, resilient and sustainable island.

Natasha Griggs
Territories of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands