Cyclone Season - Christmas Island

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Number: A69/2018

Date: 04 December 2018

In the Indian Ocean Territories we are all familiar with the cyclone season; that being November to April. As we all know cyclones are unpredictable and infrequent but it is still essential to be prepared. This is also the wettest time of year, which in itself can bring its own issues. As we move into the season, I thought it very important to remind everyone of the significance of preparation. The island emergency management committees have discussed pre‑season preparations and the Shire has also published cyclone information in "The Islander".

For the community, it is also important to prepare for yourself and your neighbours. Clean up your properties and if any alerts come out, secure all buildings and put away outside items. Sometimes we also receive heavy rains which can lead to challenges through localised flash flooding, slippery roads and of course the ever present danger of rockfalls or landslip in Flying Fish Cove. Please note all broadcasted advice and listen to the on-ground responders during an event. They are there to support us all and to try to keep us safe. We have our warning lights and signs located as follows:

  • Jalan Pantai / Club Road / Post Office and Commonwealth Office - Settlement
  • Gaze Service Road & Fuel Storage Facility - Settlement
  • Murray Road & Community Hall - Poon Saan
  • Murray & Golden Bosun Road - Drumsite
  • Mosque / Jalan Pantai / Jalan Kampong Melayu - Kampong

If the lights are activated, please follow the instructions which will be widely advertised at the time. Remember, if you are in trouble at any time and need emergency assistance please call the authorities. I have included an emergency call sheet from the Police in this bulletin.

I would like to finish by saying stay safe this season and look after yourself, your neighbours and your community. And don"t forget to look out for the crab migration.

Natasha Griggs
Territories of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands