Progress in Australian Regions—Yearbook 2015

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cover of the Progress in Australian Regions—Yearbook 2015The Progress in Australian Regions—Yearbook provides a statistical resource that can help all Australian's to understand how their region is progressing against economic, social, environmental and governance indicators. The Yearbook brings together information about Australia's regions from a range of different sources and presents that data in a consistent format over time.

This second edition of the Yearbook builds on the information that was provided in 2015 by updating data sources wherever possible and improving the method used to construct estimates for a number of indicators.

The 2015 Yearbook also includes an expanded set of geographies. Within the Yearbook publication, the list of sub-state regions has been expanded to provide a finer level of detail in outback Australia. The attached data files provide even greater geographic detail, presenting data by Local Government Area (LGA) and by Regional Development Australia Committee (RDA) boundaries wherever possible.

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