2024 ‘Productivity through Infrastructure’ Category Honourable Mention

Blacktown City Council, NSW

Shared User Path – Mavis Street to Blacktown International Sports Park

2024 ‘Productivity through Infrastructure’ Category Honourable Mention

The Initiative

Blacktown City Council’s commitment to providing ‘productivity through infrastructure’ is exemplified in the recently constructed shared user path from Mavis Street, Rooty Hill to Blacktown International Sports Park (BISP). The Council aims to strengthen the health and sporting industries by better connecting the customers with new transport links.

The newly constructed shared user pathway connects Rooty Hill train station to the BISP. It builds on existing infrastructure, such the Mavis Street shared user path and BISP as well as the recently opened Blacktown Exercise and Sports Technology (BEST) Hub, and the future Disability Sports Centre of Excellence within the BISP. The pathway provides BISP users and visitors with the shortest route, improving movement while also accommodating future growth.

This initiative clearly demonstrates the Council’s commitment to sustainable transport options, liveability and the wellbeing of council residents and visitors, and productivity in investment strategies such as our partnership with the Australian Catholic University. The university has established a campus in the Blacktown CBD and will commence its sports and exercise science education courses in 2024 in the BEST Hub.

The shared user pathway also provides an alternative route through the BISP as part of The Great West Walk, and access to the BISP for local residents. In addition to this, the pathway also provides improved access to the Sports Park for M7 cyclists. BISP has a café, so the new shared path also attracts the M7 recreational cyclists thus increasing the traffic flow and economic growth in the suburb.

The shared user path includes a 15–metre–long curved pedestrian bridge with council approved handrails to cross Angus Creek, and a fibreglass reinforced plastic grated deck, which has a long design life, high strength, low weight, corrosion and slip resistant, meaning a low maintenance cost. Lighting is provided along the length of the pathway at 20 metre intervals to provide a safe and secure environment for the users and residents. Reflective paint is used to support the lighting during night to add to the safety of the users.

About the Category

The ‘Productivity through Infrastructure’ category recognises local government initiatives which:

  • utilise technological innovations or regulatory changes;
  • consider sustainability, liveability and productivity in investment strategies and planning; and/or
  • address long-term infrastructure priorities and offer clear economic productivity benefits.

Successful initiatives in this award category benefit communities by:

  • connecting cities and regions in a way which supports population growth;
  • providing safe and efficient transport links and service delivery; and
  • strengthening and diversifying regional economic bases by better connecting industries to markets and customers.

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