2021 Contributing to Regional Growth Award Winner

Whyalla City Council, SA

Whyalla’s Iconic Circular Jetty Project



The Project

Whyalla City Council’s innovative, unique and iconic jetty – the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere – is a once-in-a generation build; chosen and built by the community, for the community.

This landmark project was built using high-quality, high-strength materials – including locally-made Whyalla steel – ensuring it is built to last for at least the next 80 years. Local contractors were used wherever possible, while residents were actively consulted to guide the project from inception through to delivery to ensure community aspirations and needs were fulfilled. The jetty has therefore earned its merit of being truly local.

The new jetty has been unprecedented in its ability to attract tourists and add significant value to the local economy. In October 2020 – shortly after the jetty opened – the Whyalla Visitor Centre recorded an increase of 40 per cent in visitor numbers compared to the previous year, with records continuing to be set across the ensuing months. Tracking on the jetty has seen visitor numbers peak at nearly 3,000 per week since opening to the public, with the total number of people walking the jetty since its opening eclipsing 100,000. Coverage from various media and social platforms has also reached millions of people, showcasing Whyalla across the nation and even globally.

Making the jetty accessible to all people – regardless of their ability – at all hours of the day and night has helped integrate it into the lives of residents. Further linking the jetty to the local community are the shape and colour, which blend with the natural environment to create a seamless connection and integration with the surrounding foreshore.

It’s attractiveness and popularity are also expected to spark investment in our ongoing foreshore master plan project, with the increased popularity of the foreshore (and Whyalla in general) leading to private investors seeking to further develop our stunning foreshore area (including a touted $100m international hotel). This ambitious project has demonstrated how the delivery of key infrastructure can have a profound, positive outcome for a community, helping realise significant social and economic benefits over the long-term life of an asset.

The Award Category

This award recognises local government projects which: 

  • improve the liveability of a region and take advantage of region specific opportunities 
  • empower vibrant and connected regional communities that promote diversity and inclusion
  • strengthen investment and development opportunities, share resources, build local capability, and create jobs.

Investment in regional development helps communities by: 

  • improving productivity, employment and workforce skills throughout the regions 
  • valuing, protecting and promoting diversity, in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, cultures and traditions 
  • fostering the development of self-reliant communities and regions with strong economic futures.

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