2021 Addressing Violence against Women and their Children Award Honourable Mention

City of Ryde, NSW

Make a Stand campaign



The Project

As an organisation, City of Ryde undertook White Ribbon accreditation. Through this process Council saw the opportunity to develop and implement initiatives in the community more broadly to address the growing issue of violence against women and children. The “Make a Stand” campaign is a Council-led initiative which developed resources, promoted awareness and fostered partnerships across the community to address family violence.

Resource Development: STORIES OF RESILIENCE PODCAST SERIES- podcasts produced in six languages to take listeners through a journey from recognising domestic violence, to starting a violence-free life. Listeners can hear from survivors and service providers to assist them through their challenges and provide them with resources to seek assistance.

Promotion and Awareness Raising: SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN- Information including the podcast series was promoted via a social media campaign. Community members were invited to use a “selfie-sign” or Facebook filter and upload it with # Make a Stand.

16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM– held throughout November and December this included a community vigil and banners/purple lighting in town centres. It incorporated the “PURPLE NAIL TRIBE” (partnership with Lisa Harnum Foundation) encouraging especially men, to pledge support to “Make A Stand” by painting their nail purple.

Council partnered with local groups and businesses to promote awareness of family violence. Sydney Football Club, North-West Sydney Football Club and Bunnings are currently participating.

Community Partnership - THE EASTWOOD/GLADESVILLE LIQUOR ACCORD- partnership between Council, police, Community Migrant Resource Centre, The Northern Centre and the Ryde Hunters Hill Domestic and Family Violence Committee. 70 pubs, clubs and liquor outlets are participating. Posters and coasters are displayed in venues with QR codes that link people directly to support information and resources.


• 45 podcasts produced in six languages.

• Council will hold the 16 Days of Activism as an annual event to raise awareness of family violence.

• 25 Social media posts distributed- over 21,000 views and 533 likes, comments, shares.

• Over 10 community organisations are partnering with Council to raise awareness and improve access to resources.

• 70 liquor venues are participating in the Eastwood/ Gladesville Liquor Accord. 10,000 coasters and 400 posters have been distributed to support this initiative

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