2020 Multicultural Australia Award Winner

Sunshine Coast Regional Council, QLD

Migrant Work Ready—Pathways to Belonging and Employment

Contact: Kim Price
Phone: 07 5441 8385
Email: kim.price@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au

The Project

Recent migrants to the Sunshine Coast can face challenges in finding employment. They may face challenges such as having a lack of Australian work experience and references. They may have limited social networks as well as experience difficulties with the English language, and they may not have their skills or qualifications recognised or know where to apply for jobs.

The Sunshine Coast Council is addressing these issues through its Migrant Work Ready program. Migrant Work Ready is a free eight-week program offering employment-ready workshops, a networking event and pathways to work experience, mentoring opportunities and training.

Community Outcomes

The project is designed to equip newly arrived migrants with relevant practical skills, knowledge, new friendships, a positive mindset and pathways to employment.

Over time, it will contribute to participants having well-rounded opportunities for economic and social participation in the Sunshine Coast region.

Next Steps

The project will deliver post-program support for participants. This includes providing ongoing support services, organising networking opportunities and establishing a Facebook group to help participants stay connected.