2020 Disability Access and Inclusion Award Winner

City of Sydney, NSW

City of Sydney Inclusive and Accessible Public Domain Policy and Guidelines

Contact: Anna Rigg
Phone: 02 9288 5812
Email: arigg@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au

The Project

Designers and others often look to policy makers for practical advice on how to meet community expectations on disability access and social inclusion. Until now, this was readily available for buildings but not for public spaces or events. The City of Sydney has filled this gap with a new policy and guidelines to encourage best practice approaches for public spaces and events: developed through community consultation, including with those who have lived experiences of disability.

Community Outcomes

This project delivers designers, project managers, event organisers and others with greater clarity about how to include those living with disability in their concepts and plans. Those with lived experiences of disability, and their friends and families will benefit through improved access to places and events.

Next Steps

The new guidelines will be incorporated into the Public Domain Design Codes, and will apply to all new or upgraded public spaces and infrastructure delivered by the City of Sydney, or by third parties within the City's local area.

For major events and festivals, complying with the Inclusive and Accessible Event Guidelines will be a condition of seeking City sponsorship, and an expectation for all event organisers conducting events within the City local area.

Over time, the policy and guidelines will help to deliver a more inclusive and accessible Sydney.