River Ridge Dairy: Revolutionising farming using new technologies

Ramon Devere is a third-generation farmer at the forefront of dairy farming innovation in Australia, leveraging wireless technology to enhance productivity and sustainability.

farmer leading a cow

With a passion for the dairy industry, Ramon has not only transformed his own farm but has also advocated for the adoption of advanced technologies among fellow farmers throughout the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland.

“The only way that a farm can stay financially sustainable these days is to use technology to lower costs and increase productivity,” he says. “I am very passionate about our industry and want to see it thrive.”

Ramon’s commitment to embracing wireless technology has been pivotal in revolutionising his day to day dairy farming practices. For the past six years, he has pioneered the use of animal health monitoring systems, significantly improving efficiency and welfare standards.

"It's a similar principle to a Fitbit watch. The cows have a collar with a sensor that sits on the side of the neck muscle. It's got a battery that'll last five to seven years. It puts out minimal frequency and it uses Wi-Fi. So as your cows come in in the afternoon for milking, all the data starts coming in from 400 metres away,” he explains. “And then the computer refreshes every 20 minutes and I'll know the cows that have been having health issues.”

He stresses that technology has helped him in ensuring a high standard of animal welfare: "We're very conscious of animal welfare. We're not trying to hurt them. We're trying to make sure that they're treated properly, so the use of technology helps us in that regard. It allows us to monitor them, know when they're sick, know when they need attention. It's about being ethical in how we manage our herd."

Ramon actively advocates for the widespread adoption of wireless technology among Australian farmers. He believes that embracing new technologies is crucial for the industry's growth and resilience.

"With Australia's adoption of technology like the National Livestock Identification System, we're staying ahead of the curve in global agriculture. We're following the world's agricultural trends and constantly seeking new ways to improve. Technology plays a crucial role in this progress, allowing us to learn from other farms worldwide and implement advancements that enhance efficiency and sustainability. It's about keeping our finger on the pulse and adapting to change. Those who embrace technology will drive the industry forward, ensuring its resilience and growth in the face of evolving challenges,” concluded Ramon.

Australia is making significant strides in its investment in wireless connectivity, recognising its potential to transform the agricultural landscape. This investment lays the foundation for a future where wireless sensors and drones play an instrumental role in typical farm management, offering unprecedented insights into soil conditions, livestock movements, and resource allocation.

farmer stands amongst a herd of cows

When asked what advice he has for other farmers yet to adopt digital connectivity and applications on their farms he said: "I'd encourage farmers who are able to do so, to embrace technology while still respecting traditional practices. Keep your finger on the pulse of new advancements, but don't overlook the lessons learned from the past. It's about finding a balance between tradition and innovation. Technology opens up new opportunities and efficiencies, but it's essential to maintain a connection to the roots of farming.”

Every day in Australia, farmers like Ramon are embracing the benefits of wireless connectivity. This technology is enabled by having larger telecommunications infrastructure deployed in local areas and smaller equipment installed on the farm or property.

In Australia, the technology that enables mobile connectivity is researched, regulated and safe. Find out more at www.eme.gov.au