Options to boost pit and pipe in new developments

Consultation is now open on options for the installation of telecommunications pit and pipe in new developments.

The Government has today released options for boosting the installation of pit and pipe for telecommunications in new developments for comment.

Underground pit and pipe is used to deliver telecommunications cabling to homes and businesses. Most developers do the right thing and install this important facility. However, a small number are not doing this, causing inconvenience and added costs for property occupants.

The options include:

  • further awareness-raising and work with state and territory Governments
  • extending current pit and pipe legislation to unincorporated developers;
  • requiring all developers to disclose whether they have installed pit and pipe, or an exemption applies; and
  • enabling people to seek compensation from developers if pit and pipe have not been installed, or are defective and need to be rectified.

Comments on the options, including the likely costs and benefits, are welcome.

At this point the Government is considering the options. It may choose to proceed with all, none or some of them, depending on the issues raised in consultation.

Consultations are open until 12 pm (AEST) on Tuesday 29 September 2020.

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