Broadband advisory council established

The Australian Broadband Advisory Council will explore ways to maximise the benefits of high-speed connectivity.

The Government has established the Australian Broadband Advisory Council (Advisory Council) to provide advice on ways to maximise the benefits of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and other high speed networks in key sectors of the economy.

The Advisory Council will provide advice and recommendations to the Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts on:

  • ways the NBN and other high-speed networks can be used to lift Australia's economic output and the welfare of Australians more generally
  • opportunities to increase the use of the NBN other networks, including by small and family businesses
  • barriers to using the NBN and other networks, including financial and cultural/behavioural issues and cost effective strategies to reduce such barriers, and
  • potential implementation, communication and outreach strategies.

The Advisory Council will also look at ways that the NBN and broadband connectivity can support the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Advisory Council is made up of eminent Australians with expertise in innovation, connectivity and key sectors of the economy, and will be chaired by Deena Shiff, the Chair of Marley Spoon. The other members will include:

  • Bronte Adams, Director, Victorian Education and Research Network
  • Martin Haese, Chief Executive Officer, Business SA
  • Scott Lorson, Chief Executive Officer, Fetch TV
  • Jan Müller, Chief Executive Officer, National Film and Sound Archive
  • Georgina Somerset, President, AgForce Queensland Farmers
  • Zareh Nalbandian, Chief Executive Officer & Producer Animal Logic.

The initial focus of the Advisory Council will be developing strategies for the agriculture and education sectors in close consultation with key stakeholders in these sectors.

The Council will also work closely with the Digital Technology Taskforce announced by the Prime Minister in November 2019.

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