Advanced Mobile Location

Advanced Mobile Location has been deployed in Australia

Advanced Mobile Location (AML) technology is now being deployed for the Australian Triple Zero (000) Emergency Call Service.

AML is a technology that allows mobile phones to send more precise location coordinates when a call to Triple Zero is made. AML uses the same location technology that is already used on smartphones when looking up directions or using a ride share service.

Callers to Triple Zero will still need to provide as much detail as they can about their location to the Triple Zero operator. AML technology will complement existing processes and procedures by assisting emergency services locate those needing help faster.

The AML capability has been automatically activated on Android mobile devices running Android operating system 4.1 and higher with Google Play Services installed.

Apple iPhone users will need to update their operating system to use iOS 14.3 to enable the AML capability within their device. iOS 14.3 is available on the iPhone 6s device and above.

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