5G misinformation and COVID-19

Be on the lookout for misinformation that falsely links 5G to COVID-19.

As we spend more time online due to social distancing measures, Australians are warned to be aware of misinformation on social media that links 5G mobile technology to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Decades of global scientific research shows there is no evidence that the low levels of electromagnetic energy generated by use of radio waves in wireless networks are harmful to our health. This includes the frequencies used by all generations of mobile and wireless technology, including 5G, and does not cause or spread COVID-19.

Australians should rely on reputable and authoritative sources of information, such as Australia’s Chief Medical Officer and the independent Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

Telecommunications infrastructure plays a vital role in keeping all Australians connected during COVID-19. It is a criminal offence to damage equipment like mobile base stations and can put the lives of others at risk if they are unable to contact Triple Zero.

Australia has strict safety and compliance standards that regulate electromagnetic energy (EME) emitted from telecommunications and wireless networks. These networks operate well below the safety limits.

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