17 new Statutory Infrastructure Providers for broadband announced

The Government has announced new broadband SIPs.

The Government has designated 17 Statutory Infrastructure Providers (SIPs) for broadband to over 325,000 premises in 1,592 locations around Australia.

These 17 providers join NBN Co, which is the default SIP for the whole of Australia. Together they cover more than 12 million premises. All premises in Australia are covered by the SIP regime.

The SIP regime provides certainty to communities across Australia that they will have ongoing access to modern broadband services.

Under new legislation which commenced in July, all SIPs are required to provide retail service providers with a service capable of supporting peak download and upload speeds of at least 25/5 Megabits per second (Mbps). The services must also support telephony.

The 17 providers had been contracted by developers over the past 15 years to supply broadband services to premises in their developments.

Under the SIP laws, SIPs must comply with any standards, rules or benchmarks that are set by the Minister. These can include maximum timeframes for the connection and repair of wholesale services, and set out associated appointment keeping arrangements, The Government can also consider whether standards or associated benchmarks are required in relation to network performance and reliability.

The Government will designate additional developments in due course.

Where a developer has not contracted an alternative provider, they can contract NBN Co as the default SIP.

The 17 providers are:

  1. Advatel Wireless
  2. CipherTel
  3. CNTCorp
  4. CommSol
  5. Fibre Asset Management
  6. Frontier Networks
  7. Interphone
  8. LBN Co
  9. Lynham Networks
  10. OMNIconnect
  11. OPENetworks
  12. OptiComm
  13. PIPE Networks
  14. Real World Networks
  15. Reddenet
  16. Telair Holdings
  17. TransACT.

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