Appendix 3—Quality management system summary of measures and actions used by a registered automotive workshop approval holder to manufacture or modify vehicles in accordance with an approved Model Report

QMS summary Expected content
Overview of the scope and function of the quality management system (QMS)

A brief description of the purpose of the QMS and the type of modifications covered by the document.

The scope of the QMS should be relevant to the types of modifications carried out by the registered automotive workshop (RAW). For example, if the business is carrying out second stage modifications, the scope should reference factors relevant to these types of modifications.

The function should specify the purpose of the QMS. It should be specific to the type of modification to be carried out, and should reference the authorised use of an approved Model Report and following the requirements in the Model Report’s Work Instructions.

Responsibilities of personnel

The QMS should outline the responsibilities of the corporation’s personnel.

The system should address the criteria set out for key management personnel in the Rules to ensure that the corporation only appoints staff to these positions that are:

  • over the age of 18 years,
  • not an undischarged bankrupt,
  • not subject to a personal insolvency agreement under Part X of the Bankruptcy Act 1966.
Qualifications of trained personnel

The QMS should provide guidance to ensure that the appropriate trained/qualified personnel are employed or can be sourced to carry out the modification work. This would include how to ensure the requirements within an approved Model Report Work Instructions relating to certain inspection and modification steps.

The following criteria for trained personnel will need to be considered:

  • Do the personnel that will conduct the modifications hold a nationally recognised trade certificate in a relevant automotive discipline? For example, motor mechanic, panel beater, auto electrician or automotive body builder.


  • Do the personnel that will conduct the modifications hold a relevant engineering degree?


  • Are the personnel registered participants in an Australian state or territory vehicle inspection/modification signatory scheme?


  • Do the personnel have at least 2 years practical experience in an automotive repair/ modification profession, and are eligible for membership at associate level of a relevant institute or association? For example, a trades assistant who is eligible for associate membership to the Institute of Australian Automotive Engineers.


  • Do the personnel have at least 2 years previous experience in the modification or manufacture of:
    • RAWs vehicles under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989,
    • second stage of manufacture vehicles, or
    • new vehicles?
Systems review

A process embedded in the QMS to ensure the systems outlined within the documents are regularly reviewed to maintain effectiveness.

The QMS should outline in detail the process of reviewing the systems contained within the document. For example, reviewing the process for ordering parts and ensuring this is still relevant and current for the corporation. This process should be carried out on QMS systems as often as deemed necessary by the corporation.

Internal audits

A process outlining the scope and frequency of internal audits to be carried out by the corporation. This may be less frequent if the operations are considered small or more frequent if the operations are large and extensive.

The QMS should outline the procedure for conducting internal audits within the corporation. For larger operations it is expected that there will be a matrix of the individual departments or processes within the corporation, as well as scope of the audit to be carried out on each department.

An internal audit schedule should be included in the process to ensure all departments or processes are audited on regularly.

Field service feedback and recall procedures

The process outlining how the corporation maintains records on faults/issues reported on vehicles they have provided and the rectification processes undertaken and a procedure for the recall of vehicles for safety or non-compliance issues.

The corporation’s process for collecting data relating to failures of vehicles provided in the field should be outlined in this section. Reference should be made to a faults register or process that enables recurring issues to be identified. If a safety related or recurring issue is identified, a procedure should be in place that outlines the rectification process, provides guidance on when a recall should be considered and outlines the process.

Approved vendors register

A register of suppliers the corporation sources goods or services from.

This register is generally compiled based on the quality and timeliness of supply of the goods or services.

The QMS should outline the process the corporation undertakes to compile the approved vendor register, or what is used to determined which vendor is preferred and why. For large operations, it should clearly set out the criteria that will be used to rate suppliers of goods and services to determine who the corporation will approve as a vendor.

Supplier quality assurance

The records held by the corporation giving an assurance that the quality of the goods or service provided by suppliers have been assessed regularly.

This information is generally used to develop and maintain the approved vendors register, particularly for large operations. Or, for a small operation, is a process used to ensure the goods or services will meet the expectations of their operations?

The QMS should outline the process used by the corporation to determine supplier’s quality assurance. This may be simply by requiring ISO certification or by establishing a supplier ranking based on a set of criteria.

Factors that may be considered are:

  • Quality of goods and services provided by individual suppliers.
  • Timeliness of the supply of goods and services provided.
  • Identifying issues related to goods and services supplied once a vehicle has been provided.

Once a ranking is established for the supplier, the process should link this information to the approved vendors register.

Modification procedures

The detailed procedures outlining the modification processes to be undertaken by the corporation to ensure the vehicles manufactured/modified are done so in accordance with the approved Model Report.

This section of the QMS should also outline the types of tools and equipment that will be used when modifying or manufacturing vehicles in accordance with the approved Model Report.

The QMS should outline the procedures to be followed when modifying or manufacturing vehicles. The procedures should reference the approved Model Report applicable to particular vehicles.

Reference to the tools and equipment and their calibration and maintenance should be included in this section. The section should also outline the equipment to be used for inspecting damage or corrosion and for modifying vehicles.

To conduct a full vehicle inspection would generally require a hoist, pits, ramps or other device allowing a full underbody inspection for damage or corrosion to be conducted effectively.

The QMS should provide sufficient assurance that tools and equipment specified in an approved Model Report will be provided to personnel carrying out modifications or manufacture.