Rail publications

Below are links to publications of recent major rail and intermodal studies overseen by the Department.

Frankston to Baxter Preliminary Business Case

  • The Australian Government committed $3 million to the preparation of a Frankston to Baxter Preliminary Business Case to examine the proposed duplication and electrification of 8 km of the Stony Point Rail Line from Frankston to Baxter in the Mornington Peninsula area of Victoria. The Australian Government has committed up to $225 million for construction.
  • The next step is to develop a Full Business Case to ready the project for delivery.
    • Frankston to Baxter Preliminary Business Case PDF: 3887 KB 

Mount Isa to Tennant Creek Rail Feasibility Studies

  • This study, jointly undertaken by the Australian, Queensland and Northern Territory governments under the Developing Northern Australia: Our North, Our Future, found that there are a number of policy reforms that, with the right market conditions, will contribute to the possible viability of a new rail line in the future.
  • The Australian Government will continue to work with the Queensland and Northern Territory governments to address a range of policy issues and reforms that could contribute to the eventual viability of the rail line. Initiatives to stimulate long-term economic growth in the Barkly will be developed and delivered as part of the 10-year $78.4 million Barkly Regional Deal that was signed by the Australian Government, Northern Territory Government and the Barkly Regional Council on 13 April 2019.
  • The feasibility study is made up of the Strategic Options Paper and the Technical Assessment Program and are available here.

High Speed Rail studies

  • A High Speed Rail Advisory Group was established in April 2013 to advise on key industry and community issues arising out of the report on Phase 2 of the study.
    PDF: 5698 KB 
  • East Coast Very High Speed Train Scoping Study Stage 1 Preliminary Study Final Report PDF: 41942 KB 

Other rail studies and reports