Shipping Business Unit Industry Bulletin 4

New Matters Applications

Section 51 of the Coastal Trading (Revitalising Australian Shipping) Act 2012 (the Act) requires an application to vary a temporary licence to add new matters to specify the number of voyages, which must be five or more, to be authorised by the licence (section 51(2)(a)).

Following consideration of a recent Federal Court decision (CSL Australia Pty Ltd v Minister for Infrastructure and Transport [2014] FCA 1160), from today the SBU will accept applications to include new matters (under section 51 of the Act) that involve the variation of a temporary licence to include the addition of one or more voyages to the licence. This will be possible where the temporary licence, as varied, authorises five or more voyages (including voyages that have already been undertaken).  The Coastal Trading Licencing System (CTLS) has been adjusted to allow this change.

Please note that all applications for a new temporary licence lodged under section 28 of the Act still need to contain a minimum of 5 voyages.

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