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General Licence Reports Summary 2019–2020

Category of TradeCargo DescriptionAggregated VolumeVolume / Amount Type
Container N/A 11 MT
Container N/A 185,022 TEU
Container N/A 88 UNIT
Dry Bulk Cement 1,158,323 MT
Dry Bulk Fertiliser 21 TEU
Dry Bulk Limestone 2,032,369 MT
Dry Bulk Magnetite 7,609,894 MT
Dry Bulk Other 20 TEU
General Cargo 20Ft Container 492 MT
General Cargo 20Ft Container 1,402 TEU
General Cargo Break Bulk 2,081 CT
General Cargo Break Bulk 19,024 MT
General Cargo Foodstuffs 3 TEU
General Cargo FoodStuffs(Reefer) 27 TEU
General Cargo Livestock 50,698 UNIT
General Cargo Machinery 1 UNIT
General Cargo Other 30,000 MT
General Cargo Other 45 TEU
General Cargo Reefer Cargo 47 TEU
General Cargo Road Vehicles and Transport Equipment 21 TEU
General Cargo Road Vehicles and Transport Equipment 493 UNIT
General Cargo RoRo 356,643 TEU
Liquified Petroleum Gas Other 4 MT
Liquified Petroleum Gas Other 1 TEU
Liquified Petroleum Gas Other 8 UNIT
Other Bulk Liquids Other 10 MT
Other Bulk Liquids Other 11 UNIT
Passengers N/A 354,071 PAX
Petroleum Other 15 MT
Petroleum Other 23 UNIT
Petroleum Petroleum Clean 11 MT
Petroleum Petroleum Clean 2 TEU
Petroleum Petroleum Clean 9 UNIT