Review of the anti-siphoning scheme—Proposals paper

We're seeking feedback on proposals for reform of the anti-siphoning scheme and list, which operate to support free access to televised coverage of events of national importance and cultural significance.

Why we want your input

The media landscape has changed significantly since the anti-siphoning scheme was introduced in 1994. The proposals paper (located below under Relevant documentation) presents a range of reform options to update the scheme for the modern media environment.

How you can voice your opinion

Click on the ‘Have your say’ button below to provide your input to the consultation. You can do this in two ways: provide a short comment; and / or make a ‘formal submission’. All Submissions (other than private submissions) will be published on the website. Comments will not be published but will inform the consultation process in the same manner as submissions.

What will be the outcome of this consultation?

Comments and submissions will inform the Government’s consideration of reform to the anti-siphoning scheme and list.

The Issue

The Albanese Government committed to a review of the anti-siphoning scheme in the context of the 2022 Federal election.

The anti-siphoning scheme—set out in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992—prevents subscription television broadcasters from acquiring the right to televise an event on the anti-siphoning list until a free-to-air television broadcaster has acquired a right. Events are generally removed from the list 26 weeks prior to their commencement.

We are seeking feedback on specific proposals for reforms to the anti-siphoning scheme and updates to the anti-siphoning list.

Relevant documentation

Anti-siphoning review Proposals paper

Anti-siphoning review Proposals paper August 2023—PDF (1.05 MB)

Anti-siphoning review Proposals paper August 2023—DOCX (374.63 KB)


Submissions received in response to the proposals paper (other than those that are private or confidential) are available below.

Comments received were generally supportive of free coverage of major sporting events and the addition of more sports to the anti-siphoning list, particularly international soccer. Some comments requested including events featuring national representative teams regardless of where they were played, while others called to expand the list to include international tournaments in their entirety. Proposed reforms to the anti-siphoning scheme were also raised and there was some support for requiring listed events to be shown live, free and in full (coupled with a reduction in the anti-siphoning list).

On 29 November 2023, the Government introduced legislation to reform the anti-siphoning scheme into Parliament. Alongside introduction, the Government published a draft anti-siphoning list to aid the Parliament's consideration of the anti-siphoning framework as a whole.



19 Aug 2023 00:01 AEST
17 Sep 2023 17:00 AEST
This consultation is closed.


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