Visual Function as an Objective Measure of Alcohol Intoxicaction

The aim in this project was to investigate the viability of using changes in visual system function as a measure of alcohol intoxication. The best candidate measures of changes in visual function as a result of consuming alcohol were identified from the literature. These were aspects of motor and autonomic visual system function. These abilities were measured with standard clinical tests in experiment 1. Young male students who defined themselves as social drinkers were randomly assigned to control and two alcohol groups (low and moderate BAL). They completed a baseline visual function test and 2 post-alcohol tests in the experimental session. Results of experiment 1 showed significant changes to the functions of latent eye position, range of binocular movement and speed of fast voluntary eye movements.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Grant

Author(s): Pitt, Devereux & Story

Topics: Alcohol, Visual

Publication Date: 01/01/92