Sleep and driving in young adults

Sleepiness is a significant contributor to car crashes and sleepiness related crashes have higher mortality and morbidity than other crashes. Young adult drivers are at particular risk for sleepiness related car crashes. It has been suggested that this is because young adults are typically sleepier than older adults because of chronic sleep loss, and more often drive at times of increased risk of acute sleepiness. This project aimed to determine the relationship between sleep and driving patterns in young adult drivers. Three estimates of the risk of driving while sleepy were calculated from the data: 1) a model incorporating known circadian and sleep factors influencing sleepiness, 2) time-of-day accident statistics; and 3) self-reported sleepiness.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Grant

Author(s): S S Smith J A Trinder

Topics: Fatigue, Young drivers

Publication Date: 01/01/01