OR 21: Development of an Australian Design Rule for Offset Frontal Crash Protection

Frontal crashes are the cause of the majority of deaths and injuries on the roads. In 1995, the Federal Office of Road Safety (FORS) introduced Australian Design Rule (ADR) 69 for full frontal crash protection which sets head, chest and leg injury criteria which has seen the majority of passenger cars fitted with at least driver's side airbags. Since there are currently no regulations anywhere in the world for offset frontal crashes FORS has participated in the work of the European Experimental Vehicle Committee (EEVC) to develop a globally harmonised test procedure for offset frontal crash testing. This report summarises the outcomes of Australia's offset frontal crash test program which was considered by EEVC Working Group II in drafting the European offset crash test requirements.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Other Report

Author(s): Seyer K and Terrell MB

Topics: Occ protection, Vehicle design

Publication Date: 08/07/98