Monograph 5 – Alcohol and road fatalities in Australia 1998

This monograph provides information on the incidence of alcohol intoxication amongst drivers, motorcycle riders and pedestrians involved in fatal road crashes during 1998.

Fatally injured motorists 1981-1998

Over the past 18 years, the incidence of drink driving has substantially reduced. Table 1 shows that during 1981, 44 per cent of all drivers and motorcycle riders killed in road crashes had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.050 gm/100ml or greater. This has reduced to 26 per cent in 1998. This reduction in alcohol-related road trauma has come about as a result of strengthened legislation and enforcement in conjunction with high profile media and public education activities. These efforts have had a significant impact on public attitudes towards drink driving. The result for 1998 represents a substantial improvement on the previous year (28%). It comes after a long period in the 1990s where further reductions in the incidence of alcohol related road fatalities appeared to have stalled.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: ATSB Monograph

Topics: Alcohol, Fatality

Publication Date: 01/07/00