An Investigation of the Potential Interaction Between Paroxetine and Pindolol: Pharmacodynamic Assessment in Healthy Male Volunteers.

The increasing incidence of cardiovascular disease and subsequent depressive symptoms has highlighted the potential for concomitant treatment of b-blockers and antidepressant medication. It has been noted that both types of medications are associated with decrements in psychomotor and cognitive performance. Thus, the aims of this study were to characterise the psychomotorperformance characteristics in a group of healthy male volunteers who received a single oral dose of paroxetine 10 mg (an SSRI), pindolol 5 mg (a b-blocker), a placebo and a combination of paroxetine and pindolol. It was hypothesised that concurrent dministration of single doses of paroxetine and pindolol will result in a significant decrease in psychomotor performance.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Grant

Author(s): T R Norman

Topics: Drugs

Publication Date: 01/01/01