Intelligent Transport Systems to Support Police Enforcement of Road Safety Laws

Police enforcement of Road Rules and Regulations involves a wide range of complex tasks, many of which demand the use by Police of modern technologies (e.g., fixed and mobile speed detection devices). The aim of this project was to identify and define, from first principles, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and telematics technologies which have significant potential to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Police enforcement activities in Australia. Telematics technologies allow the transmission of information via computers and wireless telecommunications technology, and are used in applications such as vehicle tracking systems, on-line vehicle navigation and information systems, and electronic toll collection. The project was undertaken in three stages: identification of those Victorian Road Rules and Regulations that are safety- critical; identification of the tasks currently undertaken by the Victorian Police in carrying out these safety- critical enforcement activities; and identification of suitable ITS and telematics technologies that either currently exist, or could be brought together, to support and optimise the conduct of Police enforcement activities. A number of new and existing ITS and telematics technologies that can be used to support Police traffic enforcement were identified. These technologies have the potential to enhance traffic enforcement by providing practical support to police and encouraging drivers to comply with traffic laws. A number of challenges and issues associated with the use of automated enforcement technologies are discussed.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Grant

Author(s): Kristie L. Young, Michael A. Regan - Monash University Accident Research Centre

Topics: Enforcement

Publication Date: 24/04/07