A GIS-Based Analysis of Demographic, Spatial and Temporal Variations in Crash Rates

This study proposes a Geographic Information System (GIS) - based approach to analyse demographic, spatial and temporal variations in crash rates. The concept on which the approach is based stems from the premise that accident occurrence has to be understood as the interaction of three sets of environmental factors: the internal car environment, the external physical environment, and the dynamic traffic environment. As each trip is unique with respect to the three sets of factors, the adoption of this concept suggests that crash risk has to be examined from the perspective of the individual trips. It thus differs from the conventional approach of using an aggregate quotient obtained by dividing the total crash involvement of a particular population group by the combined travel distance of that group.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Grant

Author(s): Dr Booi Kam

Topics: Crash data, Exposure, Methodology

Publication Date: 01/01/99