Evaluation of a 50 km/h default Urban speed limit for Australia

Australia has applied a 60 km/h default urban speed limit since 1974. In 1999, the Australian Transport Council approved the Australian Road Rules with 60 km/h as the default speed limit for built-up areas. From the early 1990s, individual jurisdictions have introduced lower urban speed limits in various trials. This report: evaluates available data from Australian trials; reviews local and overseas research on the impact of lowering speed limits in urban areas; and analyses estimates of the costs and benefits of reducing the current national limit to 50 km/h. The report finds that a reduction in the national default urban speed limit to 50 km/h would result in fewer casualty crashes, property damage crashes and reduced air pollution.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Author(s): N Haworth, P Vulcan, B Corben (Monash University Accident Research Centre); B Ungers (Bob Ungers Consulting)

ISBN: 0 642 54494 8

Topics: Economic, Speed

Publication Date: 01/01/01