CR 94: Survey of driving by disqualified and suspended drivers in Western Australia (1991)

A survey was conducted of 1,313 Western Australian drivers to determine the extent of driving by persons who had had their driver's licence disqualified or suspended. It was found that 35.8% of these drivers chose to drive at least once while under disqualification and that people who drove while disqualified did so as little as possible and in a safe, law abiding way to prevent detection. Persons with one or more previous disqualifications were especially likely to drive while disqualified and to take steps to avoid police catching them. Preference was shown for Community Service Orders over licence suspension. Drivers who had or would be obtaining a photographic driver's licence had more favourable attitudes towards traffic safety and were less likely to drive while under suspension.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Consultant Report

Author(s): D I Smith and G E Maisey

Topics: Enforcement, Licensing training

Publication Date: 01/10/91