CR 80: Effective road safety campaigns: a practical handbook (1989)

This booklet is a summary companion volume of a much larger and more detailed set of Guidelines produced for the South Australian Department of Transport, the Federal Office of Road Safety, the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW and the Road Traffic Authority of Victoria. In essence, it presents an overview. It is designed as a practical, stand-alone work which can be read by anybody likely to be involved in any decision relating to a mass media campaign. Hopefully the reader will gain useful insights and helpful hints. The essential purpose of this volume is to ensure that future mass communication campaigns do not ignore the past. Contained within this volume is a summary of what history teaches us about past successes and failures. Everyone is a so-called 'expert' when it comes to mass communication (advertising) campaigns.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Consultant Report

Author(s): Elliott & Shanahan Research

Topics: Media, Campaigns

Publication Date: 01/03/89