CR 68: Review of the Australian day-to-day travel survey database, 1985–86 (1987)

This report evaluates the quality of the risk exposure data base derived from the Survey of Day-to-Day Travel in Australia 1985-86. Repunching a 1.6% sample of the survey forms and comparing with the original data sets revealed a less than 1% error rate. Car licence and car driver information had an acceptable error rate but was less accurate than the main body of data. Links between files on the IP Sharp system had been implemented correctly. Three sets of weight are defined for the database. The first adjusts for non-response with in the sample, the second extrapolates to the sampled statistical-areas and the third extrapolates to the target population of all Australia, benchmarked to 1981.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Consultant Report

Author(s): Intstat

Topics: Exposure

Publication Date: 01/08/87